Services and equipment


Today it's as simple as buying a pool, going home and filling it up.
offers above ground pools at prices to meet any budget. The pools are safe, easy to store, easy to empty, easy to put together, and come with accessories such as ladder, filter, cover and a cleaning kit.
Europools offers exclusive permanent pools for your home. The pools are made of durable PVC coated tin. The pools are imported on order and come in various shapes and sizes. Europools provides an installation service for the pools which can be constructed above or below ground.
services and equipment
services and equipment
Europools offers exclusive Jacuzzi tubs from the USA, in a variety of fashionable colors like copper, bronze, gold, etc. A variety of extras are available as well, such as water falls, inner lighting using optic fibers, surround sound systems, or almost anything you can imagine.
For spas, Europools has automatic control systems for heating and filtering the water, as well as their unique disinfecting system using ozone, without the need for chemicals.
Roofing for hot tubs maintain the temperature of the air and the water, as well as protection from outside damage.
The company also carries wet and dry saunas designed in a diversity of styles.

Europools imports and installs simple and complex systems for water parks. The company supplies slides of various sizes, water mushrooms, and more, in different models and colors. The installations meet each customer's specifications and requirements, as well as Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment specifications. Among our customers is the Memadion Water Park in Tel Aviv.